Will money heist season 5 happen? Bollywood money heist!

Money Heist which is one of the most successful shows of Netflix which gained almost over 3 crores of viewers in just a week, and is most viewed video series on Netflix has a lot going around itself after season 4 was released and it again it’s ending was stopped at a twisted position which kept its viewers at the edge of the seat and in disappointment for they have to wait until next season to know what happened.

After the season released there were a lot of discussions, theories, and predictions but the biggest question is :

will there be a season 5?

Spanish site Marca has published already that season 5 and 6 will take place and have been confirmed The show’s executive producer, Jesús Colmenar, has also confirmed that Money Heist season 5 will happen, quoting to a Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that “there is going to be a fifth [season]”.

Bollywood Money Heist

Recently when a YouTube channel took an interview with the director of the show Alex Rodrigo and he mentioned some Indian actors who would be cast if the show would be remade and which roles will suit them, here’s the list,

When he was shown the pictures of some Indian actors, Rodrigo picked Vijay as the Professor, Ajith Kumar as Bogota, Mahesh Babu as Tamayo, and Shah Rukh as Berlin. He also picked Ranveer Singh as Denver and Surya as Suarez.

South actor Surya as Suarez.

South actor Vijay as the Professor

Ajith Kumar as Bogota

Ranveer Singh as Denver

Mahesh Babu as Tamayo

Shah Rukh Khan as Berlin

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