Why PES2020 is the perfect football game!

Football simulation video game on Android and iOs, FIFA mobile is the name that pops up for any player or gamer and to add to the icing for this it is developed by EA one of the best in the business for developing and publishing sports video games, but recently while updating FIFA on my android I came across PES 2O and I have not played FIFA since and as a personal experience PES has upped the game for football experience and gaming on mobile devices.

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer i.e. PES is a sequence of associations of football simulation games that were developed and started since 2001. The game is currently developed and published by Konami(Japanese entertainment and gambling group of companies).

The game aims to imitate real football or making this gaming experience as real as possible. Things like gameplay which tries to show a proper game of association soccer, like a specific player controlling the whole team or a selected player; and the rules are the same as the rules of association football. There is a lot of genuine and originality In the gameplay like proper graphics of players, stadiums, commentary, player celebrations, various skills and also a fluid gaming experience that makes it a good game.

Some points why I personally liked PES are the game’s graphics are very much good and the gameplay is very smooth. PES has its very realistic animation and precise presentation of the fluidity or smoothness of football. The most apparent step in gameplay is noticed when one can notice how a game’s artificial intelligence handles the players. For example, many a times defenders never run towards the ball when the ball is in opposition’s feet and the decisions taken by the referee make no sense, but PES has managed this very well and at many instances it is very hard to play or score a goal as well as a bit challenging and fun and thus we can conclude that PES has marvelous gameplay.

The main highlight which is great in this game is we can play the game as a player or as a manager and we can substitute our team’s players during a game or even change tactics, we can choose a player and change his positions and also choose which player can take a freekick or a corner kick.

Precision and detail have been very well taken care of which makes it a really good game. Adding to the bonus some of the players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann and many more do real special celebrations when they score a goal. Another compelling feature is the commentary, if you use the commentary it is a surreal experience the game has realtime commentary support along with very fewer glitches.

On the cons side, PES should work on the building of the squad process, add players' names on the back of shirts and also adding real-life features like lineups display, Handshake of players, cutscenes of substitution, Crowd, VAR which will help the game go to the next level.

Also if any football enthusiast is around, I'd love to hear what do u think about my team here please mention in comments, and also if u noticed any flaws or more better observations your suggestions are always welcome.

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