Top 5 TV Series to watch right now!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother, Money Heist, G.O.T, are the names which pop up in most of the minds when asked about a series to watch or recommend, here I bring you a list of some series which are not as renowned but are a must-watch, interesting and will keep you engrossed and riveted:

Unbelievable (2019, NETFLIX)

Unbelievable is a crime/suspense serial. It is basically about a girl who is an orphan and had been staying at different foster homes. For the first time, she stays independent and gets raped. The police are not really believing her and even her foster mothers. Subsequently, there are more rapes across various districts. One such rape case is handled by a lady detective. What I could see was in the first place that since the girl is orphan, hence no support so even the police were not much keen on looking at the crime. Secondly, since the women detective is involved in the second case, it was handled more effectively. There is a dialogue that impressed me the most in which which the raped girl asks, "No one ever accuses a robbery victim of lying or someone who says they were carjacked. It doesn’t happen. But when it comes to sexual assault ……"Another thing which I found to be interesting was that all over the media, India is labeled as a rape country but such serials show different scenes altogether.

Young Sheldon (2017, AMAZON PRIME)

Young Sheldon is a television comedy series. The series is a prequel of the show The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon revolves around a character Sheldon at the age of nine, living in Texas and going to high school. As a prequel, this series has taken care of each and every element which is linked to the grown-up character in The Big Bang Theory. This show clearly shows what made Dr. Sheldon cooper to be the person he is shown in the show.


House of cards is a political thriller web television series. An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs. House of Cards is about a ruthless politician who plays all his cards with passion for conquering Washington, D.C. in a most surprising way. This show has won Emmy and Golden Globe and has a lot of thrill, suspense, and climax in store for you. Every moment/ frame brings in a new surprise


David Budd, a war veteran now working as a police sergeant along with London's Metropolitan Police Service, in the Royalty and Specialist Protection branch. His new assignment is to protect the home secretary, Rt. Hon. Julia Montague MP, a controversial, ambitious politician who is often described as "the sociopath", and who has plans to introduce new surveillance powers for security forces. Finding himself at odds with Julia’s policies and personality, and also dealing with physical and psychological scars from the time serving in Afghanistan, Budd is torn between his beliefs and his duty to protect.


Any list of good television series will never end without the mention of Brooklyn nine-nine. This police procedural comedy revolves around an immature but very talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn's fictional 99th Precinct, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg). The way humor has found a way to deal with all the social issues like racism, workplace harassment, and acceptance of homosexuality is hilarious and important at the same time. There isn’t a single episode where one has not rolled on the floor laughing. The relationships between the characters are portrayed and how they care about each other, aren’t ashamed to show their emotions even if they’re embarrassing and they would do everything they can to help their team member who’s in any trouble, which signifies what teamwork is all about!

So, this was my list of series which I thought are worth a watch, would love to know your recommendations and views on this too please mention in the comment section if any!

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