To all those who we lost on our way.

We all have memories with the friends we are no more in contact with. The ones who were an integral part of our life at that very point in time. Probably when you felt most miserable and that one friend was with you. To be by your side, to make you feel better about yourself. Yet now you don't know where that the one is right now.

And there could be different people who were there with you at different points of life. Each one of them has a different corner in your heart. Each one of them is special in different ways. Each one of them has taught you to go through anything that life gives you, in their ways knowingly or unknowingly. You don't know which one you are following now.

And so, you tend to give credits to yourself most of the time in your life. But you need to know, all that you are is because of the people you've met throughout your life. Everyone who came across just for a few seconds, everyone who was there with you who are now lost and everyone who is with you right now. They all have changed your life in some way. They are all part of you. The inseparable ones. Your story that you tell people to have more than the characters you actually involve. It's also abt the ones that have worked behind the scenes and are unknown to others.

But what really matters is, are you grateful for it? Them being a part of you. You should be because even if there was the slightest change in the incidences that have occurred, you wouldn't have been what you are today. And that is the impact of people around you.

If you know or understand what I tried to say, just go call or just leave a message for those who you remember was there for you when you needed somebody the most. Because surely,

The people we lost on our way are the ones who were there when we were lost.

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