Never I Have Ever (Netflix): Review

Never I have ever is a fresh take on a new coming of age rising comedy series which right from the episode 1 takes you on a ride which is fun, irritating and emotional at times and end’s very well proving the quote all’s well that end’s well true.

Never I Have Ever revolved around complicated life of a modern-day, very intelligent, and overachieving high school sophomore who is an Indian American teenage girl with an extremely short temper leading her into troubles regularly. The short 10 episode series is a common high school series with friends, romance, BFF’s and other high school happenings but what makes this story different is it goes around the life of an Indian family living in California who are having their own struggles due to the tragic death of the lead ‘Devi’(Maitreyi Ramakrishnan)’s father which has them in a shock. As Devi lusts around her high school crush Paxton Hall Yoshida, fights and argues with her two best friends and competes academically with Ben Gross her mother is busy arranging a traditional Indian marriage for Devi’s beautiful cousin Kamala. Even though weirdly, the show’s narration i.e the voice over is done by a tennis player John McEnroe (and one episode by another special star which I won't spoil) — which initially does not make sense at all until finally it completely does. Devi deals with many things through this journey as she has flashbacks about her dead dad whom she was very close with and the memories, several misunderstandings with her friends.

The portrayal of friendship in the series which mainly roams around Devi’s buddies and her high school. Her best friends who are Eleanor (Ramona Young), an aspiring actress, and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), a nerd which a huge interest in robotics who is discovering her sexuality. The trio is supporting, and consistent even though at times when Devi isn’t everything into the friendship and is at other instances. They fight but encourage; they have kept secrets but no matter what be together.

The series, in short, is a light-hearted good to watch and an emotional roller coaster. It shows that Indian people no matter what where they are stick to their culture and stick together and always value their culture.

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