My Parents: My Army

We often forget to mention how important a role our parents play in our lives. Right from the time, we are in our mom's womb to when we hold our Papa's hand when we take the first step, from the time when mom makes your tiffin for school to when your dad saves you from her when you don't eat it. From the time you tell your mom your stories of the school to when you ask your dad to get some material for your project. From the time when your mom scolds you for not doing your Homework to when your father helps you complete it. From the time you help your mom in the kitchen to when you learn to fix the tire of your car from your dad. From the time you are not sure of the decisions that you are taking to when both your mom and Dad stand tall as your support systems.

 And finally you never really go back home. But even then they are still there waiting for you, for your achievements, for your one gaze, for your one hug, for your voice to be heard and finally for that day when they can see us standing on your own feet. 

But We often forget to cherish the time we spend with them rather we complain about not being able to go out to enjoy life as we want and we also forget that we are taking away their way of living by keeping ourselves away from them. All they want is to be with you as much as they can because everything they've done in their lives since you were born; they've done everything just for you.

You easily tend to forget to call them and tell about your well being or just update them with your lives and you never realize how important it is for them. By your little subdued voice, you mom can understand that something is wrong and your father will always tell your mom that he knows no matter what it is you can manage it on your own, not because he doesn't want to interfere but because he believes in you, they believe in you. 

After a certain point, you start living two different lives one with your parents and one of your own, but you forget that their life; it only revolves around you, and no matter how old you grow, you are going to be little for them. I often wonder how lucky we are to experience this beautiful life. And this time I will not forget to mention it's just because of them the Parents.

Sometimes, we are a pain, we're a child even though we're an adult, and we're afraid and yet no matter what they can understand, and yes they can do it like no one can!

So here was a small write up on my parents-my army, I would love to know your opinion on this and also your best memories with ur parents too!

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