iPhone SE 2020 little beast by Apple

Image credits: apple.com

Apple last week stunned everyone with the announcement of the new iPhone 2020. As looked into the phone and its specifications, surprisingly iPhone SE which is priced around 399$(42,500 rs in India )is a great buy! It may be a tough one for Indian consumers for iPhone brand or the new power-packed one plus out with a little less cost but for the customers abroad where one plus costs way much more, SE 2020 is worth it!

Apple has given a statement about iPhone SE that it is “a powerful new smartphone in popular design,” and one can certainly notice it. Physically it looks almost like iPhone 8 and has the same display size and LCD panel, and it also comes with Touch ID and fingerprint sensors and does not have face ID at all but I feel a fingerprint sensor or ID is reliable and better. The phone does not have 2-3 cameras or a screen with a notch and all those fancy things.

But here’s the deal-breaker, SE 2020 is inbuilt with Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which Apple claims is “the fastest chip in a smartphone”, and one more huge thing is the same chipset is inside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro which is priced way more than this phone. So basically if you can't spend over a lakh rs on a phone but you want Apple branding along with great performance SE 2020 is the one for you along with this, Apple also has assured to support the new phone for at least three-four years for software updates and so on.

Both iPhone SE and 11 have the same screen but just the size differs and with no notch at all. If you want to purchase a budget iPhone with the same speed as of iPhone 11 pro, with a decent camera with some great specs and also will surely provide a good resale value to because of the brand,iPhone SE 2020 is the one for you. The phone is available in 3 colors Black, White, and Product Red.

I would love to know your opinion on this do write your opinion in the comment section below or write to me at jsamarth85@gmail.com


Price: $399/£419 (42,500 rs) CPU: A13 Bionic Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB Display: 4.7 inches (1334 x 750) ,326 ppi density of pixels. Rear camera, Front camera: 12MP (f/1.8), 7MP (f/2.2) Water resistance: IP67

Battery life: Up to 13 hours of video playback Wireless charging: Yes (Qi) Fast charging: Yes via optional 18W adapter

Size: 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches Weight: 148g

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