How to download movies , games or any software easily?

Many of us wonder about ways to download movies or any other software or games, even I was stuck at a point and was fed up of various fake methods for them, but here for contentlens readers, I bring you a very easy tried and tested method for downloading almost anything and I have been using this for a while.


Go to any browser, google chrome preferred and then download uTorrent software from the website ( ) here is the link u can go here directly and then, download utorrent classic and not utorrent web.

Select the BASIC free one in the next option and complete the download.


Go to google and type 1337x and select the second option or directly go to this link ( else you can go to any torrent site and do the same process as ahead.

for many times the site won't open at all so now we need to do something to open them up , here it is.

· Go to chrome AppStore,

Now go to the web store and download any VPN or you can download hotspot shield one which I use to add an extension to chrome and activate the VPN or if u can activate any VPN you can and then again click on this link ( you will reach the website!


Now you will end up on this page and it's pretty easy from now on:

Now search anything you want then this pops up:

Select any one link you want now its most important step

Select the magnet download and then select ’ OK ‘

Select the magnet download and then select ’ OK ‘

And the downloading starts automatically and enjoy!!!

If any problems occur please write to me.


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