Hindi songs to cheer yourself up!

Sham (Aisha) :

This is a perfect feel-good song to listen in evenings with a hot cup of chai and with friends and a good mood lifter!

Voh Dekhnay Mein (London Paris New York):

This is a cute smooth song by Ali Zafar which will surely help to raise your mood!

Tu hi hai( dear zindagi):

Another Ali Zafar song which talks about falling and being in love with a smooth tone composed by Amit Trivedi

UDD GAYE (Ritviz):

UDD Gaye is the most popular cheer-up song anytime, a very popular dance number and a great song to groove at any time.

Matargashti (tamasha):

Matargashti is another dance number with music from A.R Rehman and Mohit Chauhan's voice and this is a cheerful song with a bang!

Mahi ve (highway):

Mahi ve is an amazing composition that will leave you humming the song and feel it with simple yet meaningful lyrics with AR Rehman’s voice which is the bonus!

Aashiyan (barfi):

Aashiyan is one of the best songs from the amazing Album of Barfi, just play this song and think of the happy times and trust me the feels are amazing.

Mere liye tum kaafi ho ( shubh mangal zyada savdhaan):

One of my favorite songs by Ayushmann Khurana, almost all songs by him are amazing and this one adds to it. Think of your loved one listening to this song, trust me it gives you the feels!

Zindagi Kuch to bata (bajrangi bhaijaan):

This song is my personal favorite from Bajrangi Bhaijan, a soulful track with meaningful lyrics. This is a classic flashback song, plug your earphones and go to your memory lanes.

This was our list of songs which we hope surely help you cheer up and if you have any recommendations do mention in the comments section below.

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