So I know there are so many people striving for so many things in this world but one thing that everyone wants, in the end, is happiness and satisfaction now this happiness varies among people, while a new car is a happiness for someone while a lollipop is for another! Happiness is shortlived we all know that even when we are rarely happy we worry that something might go wrong and maybe I guess that’s where we are all losing out.

I want everybody who is going to read this to try this once and share, even I have and it works. Whenever you are happy everything seems to be going right, Touchwood!

One simple thing “Be happy at that moment” if something goes wrong it may go wrong later what is going to happen is destined to happen, why should we worry about something which may go wrong ? worry about something which is completely uncertain sounds really useless i guess!

Be in the moment that will gain u a lot of things plus immense happiness unfiltered with BT (bad trips) not this is a great word which I wasn’t known with until one of my good friends introduced it to me’ BT ‘ that is Bad Trip, In short, a sudden wave of sad and bad thoughts and she is great at giving BT’s (no offense) and believe it or not once in a while I ask her to give me a BT and she does it pretty well so what I wanna say is instead of living life with sadness and getting happy once in a while lets live happily and get sad once in a while with our own choice, come on! Let's give it a try! Now that everybody’s at home, do everything you have always wanted to do for which you didn’t have time for, chill, watch something new or maybe rewatch your old favorites, just remember whatever happens happens for a reason! So just be happy stay happy and be in the moment and look for happiness you’ll eventually see and get it I would like to conclude this with a quote “Children “see magic coz they look for it.

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