Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

Data mining, which is also known as the discovery of knowledge in the databases, in the field of computer science is the process of finding appealing and designs that are useful and relationships in the huge capacity of data. These fields connect the tools from AI and statistics such as different networks with managing the database to determine extensive digitalized collections which are also known assets of data. Data mining can or currently is used inside various businesses widely such as scientific research, astronomy, and government security, etc.

The conception of lots of massive, and at sometimes connected, private and government databases which have led to organizing to make sure that specific distinctive records are precise and are secured from non-authorized looking or even changing. Almost of the types of data mining are of target towards making sure about knowledge in general about a group than learning about individuals—grocery market is concerned less about selling single item more to a single person than, selling many different things to many different specific people—through analyzing of patterns also might be used to recognize usual personal behaviors like frauds or other fraudulent activities

Classification is a function in data mining which accredits items in a combination or collection to target certain categories or specific classes. Clustering is a technique in data mining that is used to keep elements of the data into the groups they are related to. It is the process of separating the data into the same class; the data in the same category is more identical to each other as compared in another cluster. The important aim of classification is to accurately anticipate the class of target for different separate cases in the data. Example: A certain classification model could be used to recognize people who have applied for the loan, credit risks that are low, medium, or high.

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