Breaking Bad: Review

The most awarded television show ever with 139 Awards and 229 nominations 9.5/10 on IMDb, 96% on rotten tomatoes Breaking Bad is certainly is one of the best TV series ever, and this review is for the ones who haven’t watched it yet or may have watched it.

Breaking bad is certainly one of the best series ever made due to the two points according to me :

1.Amazing script, storyline

2.Phenomenal acting by everyone especially the leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Right from the first episode of the first season to the 16th episode of last i.e. 5th season the writer and the director take you to a completely different world which they have constructed with every inch of detail. The show starts with Walter White who is a chemistry teacher who has a disabled son Walter Jr and wife Skyler and loves his family dearly.

They’re a family with lots of financial issues and certain debts on their heads. Soon White realizes that he has Cancer and things take a turn as he worries about his family and how they would manage things once he’s gone as he’s told, he has very few days to live and soon realizes that it is easy and of money in drug manufacturing and selling courtesy of his brother in law Hank who is DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) agent and White decides to make use of his chemistry expertise and skills to make some money for his family before he dies and that’s where the chaos begins. As season by season goes by the series continues to evolve and subvert expectations, and it's never been more riveting to watch. The series is darkly catchy and keeps you involved, makes you question certain actions, and sometimes teaches you and gives you some life lessons.

The show teaches you that whatever you do will definitely come back to you no matter what and even hurt you at times and do good even based on your actions. The show keeps you on the edge of your seats and also bores you at times. Also what keeps the show interesting is that it almost every time one or the other character is on thin ice and something or the other screws up leading to several situations. Many people call it the best TV show ever made and I definitely agree to it the show is filled with amazing cinematography, a good script, and phenomenal acting. The script is really good and the series is very well directed but what makes it come alive is Bryan Cranston with the scintillating acting he makes us sympathize, envy, anger, and even leaves us in tears at times. The final 12-15 minutes of nearly every episode usually has a huge plot turn. The show is both good and bad to be precise as per experience Breaking bad is always a must-watch, but it also becomes very difficult to stop at a point and has also become addicting at times.

Also if you happen to complete the series don't forget to watch El Camino the breaking bad movie do mention if you want me to write a review on that too.

Created by: Vince Gilligan

The whole cast:

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