Best Sports series to watch!

All or Nothing!

If at all you are a sports fan and follow football a lot this show is a must-watch for you! Amazon's "All or Nothing" documentary shows what happens behind the curtains of one of the biggest clubs in soccer, Manchester City. The series takes you on a journey of a whole Premier League season of the team, which goes on inside the one of the best in the world training facilities at the City Football Academy and inside the pitch. With help of the interviews of players and coaching staff, the manager "All or Nothing" signifies what exactly Manchester City or maybe any other football team goes through to prepare for the matches with the main aim earning a Premier League title. Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley narrates this story and takes you through this journey.

Barca Dreams:

Barca Dreams is one of the best documentaries ever made on FC Barcelona, it is which is one of the best football clubs in the world with one of the best players in the world Lionel Messi. The documentary takes us to the long road of fame and fortune for FC Barcelona revealing some secrets of the club which has followers and admirers worldwide and which are closely linked to the identity of the Catalans which makes their motto “Mes Que un club” ‘more than a cub’ a reality. If you want to have a good watch this movie has interviews, matches a bit drama too which makes Barca dreams must watch for Barca fans, to any Barcelona fans reading this please mention in the comments section below we really need to talk coz I’m a huge one too!!

The Test: A New Era for Australia's Team:

For all those cricket fans around this one is a must-watch for all of you The Test is a TV series is about how Australian men's cricket team makes attempt to build its reputation after it was hit by the "sandpaper scandal" of 2018, if you are a cricket fan you will surely know about it, if you are don't just google it or ask me in the comments section I will explain it to, but this series takes you through an amazing journey with ups and downs, dressing room scenes and everything just go and have a watch!

some more good series you can try are Sunderland'till I die, Formula 1: drive to survive, Last chance: U

If you know some more good series I'd love your suggestions in the comment section and also if you have any opinions on this feel free to jot it down

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