Basic smartphone buying guide: Things to look before buying a smartphone

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a necessity for everyone and many people who buy smartphones mainly look into brands or colors but when you are investing so much money into a device u need to look into certain things before buying a smartphone, here I will explain some things which will be of help to you before buying a smartphone.


The processor is basically is the central hub of your smartphone. It takes and executes every command, and performs millions of calculations. The quality of the processor directly affects every app you run, right from camera, to music player, or even a simple email program. So having a good processor is a very important aspect of buying a smartphone some good fast processors are Snapdragon 7x series, MediaTek p90 or g90t, Exynos 9611.

Phones with the best processors in mid-range are:


The display is one of the most important aspects of the phone and IPS screen or super AMOLED screen is really good and, an ideal screen size of smartphone ranges from 6 to 6.5-inch size

Here are some phones with a good display in mid-range:

RAM and ROM:

Random-access memory is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code, so in simple words greater the RAM more the speed of your phone so I suggest minimum 4 GB of RAM and further.

ROM in simple words is the storage space of your phone and 64 GB of storage nowadays I guess it is a must and more than that is always good.


Many phones offer 3-4 cameras but trust me the number of cameras does not matter the quality of lens does and SONY offers the best sensors. Apple uses SONY sensors reason iPhone having the best smartphone camera and 1 camera of iPhone is better than 2-3 android phones so instead of looking at how many cameras and megapixel look at the sensor Samsung sensors are also good but always remember first look at the sensors then, megapixel and everything.

Some mid-range phones with good cameras are:

Software Updates:

The phone you are buying must get good software updates and also you should google about updates of phones launched by the brand you're planning to buy and also. Having an Android One phone which gives you all android updates latest is the best for this option.


The phone should have fast charging capability in mid-range, and inside a budget range, 10W capacity chargers are enough, and also should have at least 4000mah battery

The article is inspired by geekyranjit video from YouTube

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