• Shrushti Dhenge

A note to all 20-year-old child or maybe adult!?

Twenty-year-old once said, “I’m not really sure”! I’m not really sure about what I’m doing. I’m not really sure about what I should do? I’m not really sure of anything in my life right now, I’m not really sure of my very own “existence”!!! So here, I couldn’t stop writing for that twenty-year-old one who is not really sure!!! So, your young soul firstly needs to relax, clam, and stop! Because you have already started a fight for which you are too small. You may feel old and you’ve run out of time, but that is far from the truth. “You are still young and have plenty of time to figure out what you want” take this time to ‘Explore’ and Discover ‘’New things’.’ but then one Question arises “ what if I will be left behind?” So firstly don’t compare yourself to others. It’s easy to compare yourself to someone else because they look better, they may have their stuff together or let us take, they know the direction of their life. Just remember you’re on your own journey. Your path is important than others. It may not look exciting but at least you will have your own beautiful story to share one day. But I feel that your own beautiful story shouldn’t be solitary and that where the Role of “Comfort Zone” comes which won’t keep you restricted or limited. It’s easy and safe to stay within the confines of your Comfort Zone, I get it I know how it feels. But once in a while do something that Scares you. It doesn't have to be a drastic jump, it can be mini-step. Because you can’t stay where you are because growth happens outside your “Comfort Zone”. So whatever happens one thing should go no, just like we say ”Show must go on” in the same way learning should go on. You still in college but it's important to learn outside of the confines of your educational system. then it can be anything, Sometimes when you feel like doing nothing get out of your home, go out sit somewhere just observe people, and trust me it is also part of learning and will definitely help you someday. So, now as the article says “A note to 20-year child or Adult? So, there are a few things which will be very important in your late 20’s and that is ”Finances” and here where you become an Adult but you what know chill !! You can deal with this too. So, when it comes to any decisions, especially with finances, think long terms instead of the initial excitement of buying. I know its imperative to set aside some money for the future, particularly when you are young but save up at least for an emergency. Because when you move in the future you will realize how much worthless junk you wasted your money on that you are now donating to goodwill. So basically one should be grateful to self not regretful. So, in the end, everything will work out don’t stress out too much over small things. Because one day when you will be on the top of the mountain you will be amazed at all the small steps you have taken that have to lead you to the top. And trust me “The view from the top is best and that will give you an answer to the uncertainty of your very own existence !!!

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